Altro & Safety Flooring 

Like many specialist floor styles safety floors and Altro floors will present certain challenges for daily and periodic maintenance and cleaning.

It is for the very reason that you invest in Safety Floors and Altro Floors that present these issues when cleaning - it is their design and makeup for providing a safe non slip environment that presents the challenge of keeping your new Altro safety floor in pristine condition.

Our selection of alkaline formulated safety floor / Altro floor cleaners and dressings will help both professional and domestic users to develop a cleaning programme with confidence that their investment will be both maintained correctly and importantly that no long term damage will be caused by using incorrect and aggressive products.

Poor selection of products for maintenance of safety floors and Altro Floors could stain or damage the safety floor / Altro Floor and also affect its performance.

The following link will direct you to a helpful guide for overcoming these daily challenges:

Recommended Cleaning Methods for Safety Floors & Altro Floors

The full range of Altro Safety Floor cleaners and dressings can be ordered safely on-line by clicking here or alternatively should you require further advise or problem solving please call our sales office on the numbers below.